Cans Carry Your Bottom Line

With their compact size and lower weight – 67% less – cans cost less than bottles to ship. Craft brewers are using the savings on shipping costs to expand their brands
into new markets. That means they’re getting more cans into more customers’ hands.

Light Breaks Your Brew

Glass of all colors, including dark amber, allows light to permeate your craft. Light

is destructive to the organic compounds in beer that make the flavors everyone is so crazy about.
This destruction is called “oxidative rancidity,” and turns fresh beer into stale beer.

It can also wreck your profit by ruining the taste of your beer and shortening shelf life. Furthermore, cans are better than bottles at preventing air from getting in – air being
the biggest enemy

of a delicious brew.

Pop the Top of Quality

Canning your craft brew delivers draft-quality fresh beer that travels. Cans go where no bottle belongs: camping, parks, sports fields, the beach, the pool. From
backpacking adventures

to parties, craft beer drinkers want their beer to go with
them. Cracking open a cold one – especially after summiting to the top of a peak or finishing an epic bike ride – is easier with cans. They cool faster than glass so
campers can stick them

in a cold stream and have

a refreshing craft brew

in minutes. It’s like having

a mini-keg in your hand.

No tap, no bottle-opener required.


Cans are crushable, making them even easier to pack out than pack in. Made from
aluminum, the most abundant metal on earth, cans are 100% recyclable. Plus,
aluminum retains its properties indefinitely and can be reused significantly more
times than glass. Approximately 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use
today. And it’s one of the only materials in the consumer disposal stream that more
than pays for cost of collection.

Metallic is Mythic

Can technology has advanced significantly since the steel cans of the 1950s, and
modern cans are lined to prevent interaction with the contents. In fact, in a range of
blind taste tests, canned craft brews have a slight edge over bottles.




We provide comprehensive solutions to the place, i.e., to the brewery; we
install and launch the equipment, and after canning, we take the whole line
from the canning location. It allows to save capital, time and place. We deal
with orders and the storage of empty cans — since we order huge amounts
from the producer, we are able to deliver the minimum quantities necessary for
canning to the location.
Moreover, we provide experienced operators and know-how of the entire
Our activity is fully insured and safe.


Requirements in the canning location

  1. The beer destined for canning should have a proper microbiological quality
    and temperature of 0-2°C, so that the equipment can operate under optimum conditions. We cannot guarantee a proper quality and equal filling of cans at higher temperatures.

  2. We need a connection to a single-phase electrical energy 230 V 18 A.

  3. Connection to running water.

  4. We need enough space to put the equipment, to put a pallet of cans on the
    start and to pack the finished product on the pallet at the end of the line.

  5. Compressed air - if it is not available on the spot, we will bring an air
    compressor and bottles with CO2.



We deliver aluminium cans with capacity of 500 ml or 330 ml along with lids to
the brewery.


We offer 4 types of can labelling:

  1. Self-adhesive labels applied on the cans after canning, made according to
    any project delivered by the client. An advantage of these labels is a low price and even small production series.

  2. SHRINK FOIL-type labels are shrunk on cans under the influence of heat.
    The labels covering cans will make the product more attractive, and they will make it more noticeable on the shelf.

  3. Cans printed by the producer – we can order cans with any lithography from the producer. Minimum order is 100 000 cans.

  4. Hybrid labels: we can order printed cans containing only a background and/or the name of the brewery from the producer and then after filling the beer, we put a self-adhesive complementary label with the beer type on such a can.



We manufacture labels on the basis of the client's project or we create a
project together. On a can, there are many more places to use, the label
projects may be very interesting, e.g. semi-transparent using the silver texture
of the can.
Dimensions of the labels:
For a 330 ml can – maximum height: 84 mm, maximum length: 204.20 mm
For a 500 ml can – maximum height: 136 mm, maximum length: 204.20 mm



Would you like to have an exceptional beer or another canned drink for an
event, company event, sports event or for a gift or wedding? We will make
unique labels for you and will deliver the finished product.



We deliver secondary packings such as carton boxes, trays, plastic 4-packs or
6-packs to our clients.


Purity and quality of services are crucial for us. We have high-end equipment,
highly qualified and trained employees, and we cooperate only with certified
packing manufacturers.
Our canning machine is equipped with a very efficient CIP (clean in place)
system and it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each canning with the
use of the top-quality cleaning agents.
The cans, before being fed into the canning machine, are automatically and
thoroughly rinsed and the whole oxygen is sucked out of the can right before
Beer samples from each canning are stored for potential check-up or control.

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We are a group of enthusiasts with many years of work experience in
breweries. We create an innovative StartUP, filling a gap on the market that
exists in the field of packings for craft beer and other drink producers.


We provide the first comprehensive service of a mobile canning system in our
region. Our experienced employees will come to your site; they will install the
line and launch it and after work; they will take the equipment to the next
canning location.


We have high-end compact canning equipment from an American company
WildGoose with a maximum performance of 3 000 cans per hour. The
machine ensures full control over the flow, filling amount and frothing for each
of five heads in real time.


The price of the service is quoted individually each time, depending on the
amount of cans to be canned, commuting distance and canning conditions.
The cost of the service is always based on the rate per can and per kilometre
of commuting distance to the client. However, we assure you that the price is
competitive as compared to bottling. Depending on the
customer’s needs, we offer only canning or a comprehensive service
comprising the label’s project, printing, labelling of the product and delivery
and packing in a secondary packings.

The minimum number of cans to be canned is 15 000.